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5 Different, Fancy, and Trending Necklace Styles

5 Different, Fancy, and Trending Necklace Styles 0

Our previous post offered our online audience of shoppers 5 of the top trending earring styles in our Earrings Capsule. This post presents the top 5 shopping items in our recently-updated Necklace & Choker Capsule, which gathers 30 trending necklace and choker styles for women. Our final selection of necklaces and chokers is based entirely on the preference expressed by our audience of online shoppers. As always, once we complete our selection of 30 items, we are always interested in knowing which of the 30 final items are in the top 5 best items. Here's what our online audience of shoppers is telling us about 5 entirely different, trending styles of necklaces and chokers.

#1. Short Choker Necklace (Price: $24.99) - A first popular choice among our online audience was this short, highly fashionable, and elegant choker necklace for women, with delicate and intricate ethnic-like floral designs. This trending, short choker necklace comes in silver or gold. Its classic look makes it suitable for a wide variety of fashion styles, notably bohemian, artsy, and romantic fashion styles. This necklace is available for purchase for $24.99.

#2. Long V-Style Bead Chain Necklace w/ Rhinestone Gem Pendant (Sale: $14.99; Reg. $24.95) - This elegantly long and sexy Bead chain necklace with choice of purple or turquoise rhinestone gem was another necklace style that was very popular among our audience of online shoppers. As with the short choker necklace, the classic design of this long necklace makes it suitable for almost any fashion style.

#3. Fishing Cat Wearing Silver Collar Pendant Necklace (Price: $25.99): Yet another popular, and entirely different, choice of necklace among our online audience of shoppers was this cute sterling silver necklace with a cat, also wearing a silver choker necklace, fishing on the necklace line. Unlike the other previous two necklace styles, this necklace is most suited for cat lovers, but also for the classic, romantic, traditional, girly types.


#4. Short Choker Hoop Layered with Geometric Pendant Necklace (Sale Price: $19.99; Reg. Price: $29.99) - Another favorite that was expressed by our online audience of fashionistas, shoppers, and deal seekers was the beautiful, fashionable, and elegant short choker hoop layered with a bead chain necklace with black geometric triangle pendant. This stylish, layered choker necklace is most suitable for elegant, sophisticated, and glamorous fashion styles.

#5. Gold Golden Gate Bridge Pendant Suspended on Chain Necklace (Reg. Price: $14.99) - As a last choice, we decided to display this fun Golden Gate Bridge pendant necklace. While this was not our audience's 5th favorite choice, it did make our top 30 due to the positive response we received from our online shopping audience. It's also one of our favorite fashion pendant necklaces.

The above are but 5 of our online audience's selection of favorite necklaces and chokers. Our full, updated selection of 30 trending essential necklaces is now on display in our Necklace & Pendant Capsule Shop. Happy SHOPologee!

High on Sophisticated Drone Technology and Aerial Photography: the DJI Phantom 4 Pro + Drone

High on Sophisticated Drone Technology and Aerial Photography: the DJI Phantom 4 Pro + Drone 0

Are you shopping online for a drone that will fly you to the next level?  Perhaps you've had a pleasant go at your kids 3D virtual reality drone, or you've simply drone tired of your own pocket selfie drone, and are looking for a more than decent upgrade in the drone department that will help you graduate into the upper ranks of professional drone hobbyists. Or perhaps you're simply someone that likes to start from the top, and fall within the more limited category of consumers with a greater marginal spending propensity. Whatever the circumstances may be, if you're looking for a top notch user-friendly drone with cutting edge flight features and technology, and that takes astonishing aerial photos and videos of pristine quality, you'll definitely want to turn your attention to the  DJI Phantom 4 Pro +. Its salient features and specs are briefly described below.

Best Suited for Open, Challenging, and Scenic Outdoor Environments

Considering the DJI Phantom 4 + Drone's control distance (an astonishing 4.3 miles, or 6.9 km drone-to-pilot control distance), top speed (top high speed of 45mp/h, or 72km/h), flight time (30 minutes), and size, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro + naturally maximizes its full potential and value out in the open. Unlike some other drones suited for the outdoors, however, the drone's advanced flight controls and features (such as the multi-directional 3D 360 degree obstacle avoidance flight sensors) also makes it safe and easy to navigate, fly, and operate in more challenging scenic outdoor environments.  This is a clear bonus for drone hobbyists wishing to fly it through mountains, forests, waterways, and the likes in order to fully utilize and maximize the drone's incredible aerial photographic and cinematographic capabilities. Its approximate weight of 1,388 grams (inclusive of the weight of its mounted HD camera), as well as its large heavy casing also makes it such that this professional drone does not fit in the portable category of drones, even less in pocket-sized drones. In other words, professional drone hobbyists might one to plane their date, or field trip, when going out with this drone. While this professional drone may be considered a top notch drone in the aerial photography category type of drones, its has its limits in that its ideal operating temperature (0 degrees celsius to 40 degrees celsius) makes it not so ideal to fly in arctic or Saharan-type environments.

Operation and Control

The DJI Phantom 4 Professional + comes with (DJI Phantom 4 Professional +), or without (DJI Phantom 4 Professional) an integrated 5.5 Inch 1080P Android Tablet mounted to the drone's remote control.  In the latter case, a smart phone can be mounted to the drone's remote control, and is compatible with the DJI GL300E drone remote control. In the former case, you the pilot get to enjoy a full five (5) hours of bright screen pleasure (the 1,000 nits-type of visible light intensity bright pleasure).  Aerial photographers and cinematographers will rejoice in the 16GB of internal storage and Micro SD card capacity on the DJI Phantom 4 Pro + 's remote control. Another great feature is its ability to operate on both the 2.4 and the 5.8 GHz frequency. This ensure redundancy, in minimizes the risk of interference in signal between the remote control and drone. This is particularly important considering the incredibly 4.3 miles (6.9 km) drone-to-remote control range (note that some have commented on certain rules that require a drone flyer to keep the drone within a visible distance, which can arguably shorten the permissible control distance of the drone, at least without extra vision enhancing props).  The DJI Phantom 4 Pro + 's remote control allows for granular control over various settings, features, and modes, including those that pertain to its flight, photography, and videography.

In-Flight Modes and Features

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro + has sophisticated navigational technologies, namely dual GPS and compass redundancy for same home returns. It has a pleasant and fun to use "tap screen" flight mode, in which the drone will pilot itself towards the destination taped/touched by the pilot on the remote control's screen, making this drone easy to fly for beginners and advanced drone hobbyists alike. Other fun drone flight modes include:

  • Beginner flight mode (a flight mode for starters wishing to take it slow on their first date with the Phantom 4 Professional +)
  • Sports flight mode (offers, among other things, higher flying speeds)
  • Active subject track mode (the drone locks onto, and follows a live subject); 
  • Directional flight lock mode (the drone locks onto, and flies into that single direction); 
  • Profile shot mode (a special photography flight mode ideal for taking close or distant profile photos of a subject); 
  • Gesture control flight mode (a flight mode in which the drone responds to certain hand gestures and arm movements); 
  • Spotlight frame focus shots (another flight mode ideal for professional photographic and cinematographic photos and videos);
  • Narrow flight modes (allows you to configure the drone's flight for more confined or obstructed environments)
  • RTH flight recording move (a flight mode in which the drone records its own flight path directly from takeoff, a path which it can then use to safely return home for landing);
  • Landing site detection mode (facilitates smooth landings by avoiding rugged, hazardous landing environments)

A lot more could be said about the various DJI Phantom 4 Pro + 's flight modes and features, and the way they can be used to creatively enhance the wonderful hobby of drone flying. Suffice to say that the DJI Phantom 4 Pro + comes with the latest, cutting edge technologies in drone flying, which in a sense contributes to the ease with which it can be flown for beginners and professionals alike.

Intelligent Drone Flight Systems: Obstacle Avoidance Sensors

As it was stated earlier, the DJI Phantom 4 Professional + drones shows its full colors in more challenging, outdoor environments.  This is largely due to is its cutting edge, sophisticated 3D, 360 degree, 4 directional obstacle avoidance sensors, one of its more salient features. Specifically, the drone carries high-resolution front and rear visual sensors with an approximate range of 0.7 meters to 30 meters (or 2.3 feet to 110 feet). It also carries in its left and right flanks 3D Time-of-Flight (TOF) modulated light sensors with approximate ranges of 0.2 meters to 7 meters (or 0.7 feet to 23 feet). As well, it contains bottom sensors to assist with vertical flight and landing, giving the DJI Phantom 4 Professional + complete, 360 degree obstacle avoidance flight control.

Amazing Aerial Photo and Video Capabilities, Even in Low-Light Environments

The sophisticated flight modes, features, and instruments, not to mention the highly stable, solid, and balanced flight they provide to this soft, quiet (only 83.1 decibels), smooth humming electronic flying device, largely contribute to its excellent photographic and cinematographic features and characteristics. The DJI Phantom 4 Pro + 's 24 mm camera, which contains a 1 inch CMOS sensor with 20,000 useful pixels, offers 4K photos and videos at an 84 degree field of view, 60 frame per second cinematographic recording, at a 100 MB per second rate. Its image processor reduces, or condenses photos and videos from 40 to 50 percent. In addition to offering adjustable aperture settings (2.8 up to 11), it also allows for different ISO range settings (up to 6,400 in video mode, and 12,800 in still images), all of which allows for amazing photos and videos in low-light environments, with little noise distortion in images. It also offers three (3) different image scales: 3:2, 4:3, and 16:9. The end result of a drone with superior flight systems and aerial photographic and cinematographic capabilities are visually alluring and clear photos and videos of the highest and most professional quality.

Last Comments

While the DJI Phantom 4 Professional + 's advanced flight modes, features, and systems might, on the one hand, appear to make it more suitable for advance drone hobbyists, these same flight modes, features, and systems also make it easy and safe to control, operate, and navigate, making it just as suitable for beginners who may want to rely a bit more on the drone's "artificial intelligence assistance" flight systems. While advanced drone hobbyists will no doubt maximize the value and use of the numerous features of this drone, beginner drone hobbyists will simply find themselves with a longer and more adventurous learning and discovery path. In the end, the features that one should rely upon to determine whether or not this drone is right for them is the price, and the superior photographic and cinematographic features of the DJI Phantom Professional 4 + drone. Anyone who has a valid reason or purpose in using aerial drone photography and cinematography will certainly find its higher cost more than justifiable.

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Keeping Fashionably Dry on a Rainy, Windy Day: the Inverted Umbrella

Keeping Fashionably Dry on a Rainy, Windy Day: the Inverted Umbrella 0

If you're online shopping for an umbrella to keep you dry during the next rainy and windy day, consider buying an inverted umbrella. In an interconnected digital world in which we continue to carry more and more expensive, personal electronic devices (tablets, smart phones, headphones, laptops), investing in a strong, intelligently designed, quality umbrella can end up saving you thousands of dollars (maybe more depending on the value of the documents you carry in your briefcase or should bag). 

What's an Inverted Umbrella, and How Does it Work 

The concept of an inverted umbrella is straight forward, ingenious and, with different colors on the inside and outside of the waterproof surface of the umbrella, highly fashionable. Rather than opening up like a conventional umbrella, the inverted umbrella opens upside down. As clearly illustrated on the photo, when sliding the umbrella's lever alongside its bone, the inwards portion of the waterproof material becomes the top outwards surface facing the rain, and the outwards surface becomes the inward dry surface keeping you and your expensive electronic gadgets dry. When closing the umbrella by pulling the lever downwards, the top wet waterproof surface folds itself inwards, with the dry surface of the waterproof material now being on the outside. What are the advantages of an inverted umbrella?



Aside from standing out from the crowd with something fashionably different, an obvious advantage of the inverted umbrella is to ensure the wet surface of the umbrella is folded inwards when entering dry areas, like your car, home, or a coffee shop. With the outwards wet surface being folded inwards, the umbrella can be placed on any dry surface area, like your car seat, for instance. Having a dry, outwards folding umbrella may also prove to be more convenient, polite, and courteous in crowded places, especially in urban areas that experience polluted rain falls. 


In geographic areas where strong winds are prominent on rainy days, the invested umbrella design also means strong winds will not exercise a force that goes against the umbrella's natural spring mechanism and frame. As typhoon-strength winds, such as the type experienced in Japan, were a concern in designing the particular inverted umbrella depicted in this post, its users can be sure that his umbrella is as strong as they can get. 

The inverted umbrella displayed in this post is a Japanese designed umbrella, and has a current price tag of $114.99. Its 80 cm fibre glass bone gives this inverted umbrella extra strength and durability. In its fully extended, open position, the inverted umbrella has a diameter of 105 cm, more than sufficient to keep you, your electronic devices, and your toes dry. It is available in 8 different colors: grey, dark blue, light blue, turquoise, pink, black, yellow, and red. 



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A Friendly 3D Printer for Your Home: Meet the Createbot 3D Printer

A Friendly 3D Printer for Your Home: Meet the Createbot 3D Printer 0

Are you shopping online right now, looking to purchase your first 3D printer? Perhaps you've had it with all the talk around trending 3D drones with virtual goggles, and are looking for something different? Or perhaps you're simply looking for a family friendly 3D printer for beginners that fits nicely in your home decor, where all can experience one of the very latest trends in modern consumer technologies. If that's the case, then meet the world's friendliness Mini 3D Printer by Createbot. Best of all its only $799.99, and currently on sale for only $599.99. 


Esthetically Pleasing Modern and Safe Design - Unlike many other open-concept 3D printers currently available to online shoppers, the Mini Createbox 3D Printer's components are all boxed into an elegant and esthetically pleasing rounded cube design, with a transparent door at its front to observe your masterpiece. Not only does this protect the 3D printer's various delicate components and pieces from dust and other undesirable debris, thereby contributing to improving the 3D printer's durability and lifespan, but it also constitutes an excellent and important safety feature in that it protects from the temptation of touching the hot, moving pieces of the Createbot 3D Printer.


Perfect for your home, and any working space - Aside from having a friendly looking, colourful (the Createbot 3D Printer comes in 5 different colours), and safe design, the Createbot 3D Printer's compact size and light weight makes it not only portable and easy to carry around, but it also makes it easy to place anywhere in your home or small working space, whether on a desktop or table top. Worded differently, the Creatorbot 3D Printer doesn't require any complicated contraption or large working space (as perhaps best illustrated in this unboxing and setup youtube video of a large, heavy 3D printer - fast forward to 8:00 minutes in). 


Little Assembly Required - Many 3D printers trade-off price for consumer labour. That is, you the consumer pay less, as long as you do the assembly yourself (DIY 3D printers). This can often lead to long hours of frustrating labour, and a malfunctioning 3D printer. Another great feature of the Createbot 3D Printer is that it requires only the most basic of installations before its up and running, making perfectly suitable for beginners wishing to dip into the wonderful new world of 3D printing technology. 


User-Friendly Commands and Operation - Aside from the little assembly required by the Createbot 3D Printer, the Createbot Mini 3D Printer has an LED touch screen display, making its use, command, and operation all-the-more friendly to its users. It also features WiFi connectivity, as well as USB and SD card capability, all of which greatly facilitate downloading, uploading, transmission, and sharing of your 3D printing files. The Createbot 3D printer is compatible with Windows, OSX, and Linux, all operating systems that should be familiar to its user. It includes its own user-friendly and fun software to create your own 3D designs. 

Great Specs - Despite its smaller size, the Createbot 3D printer features amazing specs. It prints at an astonishing speed of 20-40 mm per second, an impressive printing layer thickness of 0.05-0.2 mm, and an astonishing 3D printing precision of 0.1 mm, all delivered by a single 0.44 mm nozzle. These feature allow you to create 3D master pieces with just the right amount of detail and precision, within little time. 

In short, if you're new to the consumer tech trend of 3D printing, are looking for a well-priced, user-friendly, and nicely designed 3D printer for your home, whether it be for yourself, your kids, or your family, then the Createbot 3D Printer is definitely one of the best choices currently available to online shoppers. The Creatorbot 3D Printer will be on sale at SHOPologee for $599.99 ($200.00 off its regular price of $799.99) throughout the holiday season:

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Trending in Consumer Drones: the Selfie Pocket Dobby Drone

Trending in Consumer Drones: the Selfie Pocket Dobby Drone 0

If you're online shopping right now, and are looking to buy a drone that integrates the vary latest features and trends in consumer drone technology, you will certainly want to consider the ready-to-fly (RTF) selfie pocket Dobby drone, a drone that offers some of the latest innovations and features commonly found on larger professional drones, but packed inside a pocket size foldable drone, at 1/4 of the price.


While lower price selfie consumer drones offering all the basic features of a selfie drone can easily be found at a price tag not exceeding $100, drones offering more advanced flight modes and features (e.g. the DJI Phantom 4 Pro) can easily reach a price range north of $2,000. In addition to being expensive and therefore intimidating to fly, they require lots of open, outdoor space, making them impractical to fly without a valid reason justifying their purchase. The RTF selfie pocket Dobbie drone, on the other hand, is currently only priced at only $449.99 (standard market value of $499.99). Its ultra-slim and light foldable design (the RTF selfie pocket Dobby drone measures 135 x 65 x 34 mm) makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor flying, and includes a number of some of the very latest advances in drone technology.
Fun Flight Controls: Did Someone Say Sliding Touch Drone Control? The selfie pocket Dobby drone offers, among one method of flight control, user-friendly sliding touch screen smart phone control. This gives way with the need of carrying a drone-specific remote control, further enhancing the practical and portable feature of the selfie pocket Dobbie drone. It also provides for a smooth, fun, and highly responsive flight. Other cutting edge drone control features found on the selfie pocket Dobby drone are voice command control, a feature that allows you to control the drone with key command words, as well as gesture control, a feature in which the drone respond and control itself according to gestures and movements made by its pilot. 
Flight Modes: Wakeup, Palm Takeoff, Facial Recognition, and Much More - Aside from its fun, user-friendly flight controls, the selfie pocket Dobbie drone includes various fun flying modes. First and foremost, it includes facial recognition and moving target tracking modes, both of which allow the selfie pocket Dobby drone to lock onto, and follow specific subjects. It also features wind resistant flight instruments, GPS dual satellite positioning, gravity sensors, and a high-accuracy orbit hovering mode, all of which contribute to a stable, highly precise, and entertaining flight. Other exciting and cutting-edge flight-related features include  push-button auto wakeup and takeoff, as well as palm takeoff. Drone hobbyists that enjoy a more thrilling flight experience will no doubt enjoy the acrobatic 360 degree flips enabled by the push of a button. 
Perfect for Selfies, Photos, and Videos - The selfie pocket Dobby drone's HD camera allows for 4K photos, 1080P videos, as well as 72 degree viewing angles. The drone can easily and automatically be synchronized with your smartphone photo album. One of its best feature is the selfie pocket Dobby drone's automatic linear trajectory flight mode, a filming technique often encountered in classic films where the camera progressively and slowly distances itself away from its subject in a zoom-out vertical trajectory. It has a number of exciting and fun optional photography modes: real-time live video feed; continuous burst photo mode; time delayed photography mode; apparent advance mode; and much more. The built-in electronic image stabilization, automatic flight adjustments, and time delay mode are particularly great for creative, stable selfies.
Last Comments - considering its current price of $449.99 (reg. price $499.99) the number of fun, advanced flight modes and video camera features that are more commonly encountered on larger, more expensive professional drones, as well as its practical ultra light foldable designs, the selfie pocket Dobby drone is no doubt one of the best, most trending choices currently available to online shoppers. You can purchase the selfie pocket Dobby Drone on sale now at
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Fly Like a Bird with the New and Innovative T-Series T30 VR Quadcopter Drone with 3D Goggles

Fly Like a Bird with the New and Innovative T-Series T30 VR Quadcopter Drone with 3D Goggles 0

We've all heard the big hype around drones progressively yet very cautiously entering consumer markets around the world. These highly sophisticated modern toys for children and adults alike are only likely to get better, faster, and funner. While merchants around the world continue to think of different ways to innovate and improve these flying devices, consumers are looking to dip into this hobby with the perfect size and model, at the perfect price. 

Fly Like a Bird with the New, Innovative, and Well-Priced T-Series T30VR Drone with 3D Glasses

A good choice of drone that seeks to innovate, that is currently well-priced, well-suited for beginner and intermediate drone hobbyist, and offers to consumers more than a flying electronic device is the T-Series T30VR Drone with 3D Glasses (currently on sale for $149.99, regular price $249.99).  As the name implies, the T30 virtual reality drone combines these new flying devices with emerging 3D technology. Specifically, this product seeks to give its user a first-person view or, first-drone view from the sky.  It accomplishes this through the not uncommon use of a light-weight, 2MP HD mini camera affixed to the centre of the drone's belly. With the use of a smart phone and an App, the camera projects a live first-person feed from the air, giving its user an impression of flying like a bird.  Beginners will no doubt want to practice their drone flying skills before re-adjusting this new and incredibly fun way of flying a drone from sky-high. 

Suitability: Not too Small so as to Not Take Seriously, and Not too Big so as to Not Enjoy

Aside from the fun and innovative feature offered through its 3D glasses, this drone is not too small so as to not take it serious when flying, yet not too big and expensive so as too be too intimated to fly it. In other words, it offers a perfect level of flight comfort for beginners and intermediate drone hobbyists, whether children or adults.

Parts: Inexpensive and Easy to Fix

With its four propellers, the T-30 Series T30VR 3D Drone is more accurately be described as a quadcopter. As with most drones, beginners and intermediate will inevitably crash their drones on first flights, sometimes leading to propellers flying off. The good news is that, as with most drones, the T-Series T30VR 3D drone comes with a full set of replaceable propellers. If one set of propellers isn't enough, their standard shape and size and plastic material will make it a quick, easy, and inexpensive fix. Ultra-light and thin protective rubber cage barriers affixed at the end of each arm will hopefully prevent this from happening too often. 

The tip of each arm on theT-Series T30VR 3D drone also come with standard LED light signals: a red LED indicator on the back right-side arm; a green LED light on the back left-side arm; and two white LED lights on each front-end arm. These LED lights always make for a fun and spectacular night-flight. The T-Series T30VR 3D drone comes with a light, user-friendly remote control, as well as a T-Series T30VR 3D drone user manual. 

SHOPologee T-30 Series T30VR 3D Drone

Flight Experience: Ready for Take Off

The flight experience of the T30 VR Drone is comparable to any drone of similar size. As with most drones, the drone's movements are sensitive, but light, stable, and balanced. As with any drone, new users will no doubt need to practice and adjust to the feel of the drone's flight movements. The weight of the drone is itself well-calibrated, and its medium size, light weight, and relatively silent motors makes it ideal for flying indoors as well as outdoors.  Inexperienced users are recommended to fly the drone in open, unobstructed areas. If and when the drone crashes (perhaps due to lack of experience), the parts are designed to easily detach rather than break off from the drone. Being in an open space will make it easier to track and recuperate the drone's missing parts. 

T-30 Series T30VR 3D Drone

Final Thoughts

The T-Series T30VR 3D drone is currently on sale for $149.99, down $100.00 from its standard market price of $249.99. With its 3D virtual reality feature, its medium size, and its suitability for beginners and intermediate level drone hobbyists, this drone is definitely an excellent toy to purchase, for children and adults alike. 


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